Selling on eBay is easy - but building a business is not.  Success demands that you maximize sales and be smarter than your competitors – which is where we can help.  While you know your product, we know eBay.

What makes us so different?

We are all former eBay employees

Along with years of experience in Internet marketing, graphic design and search engine optimization, we have all worked on eBay's specialized Listing Tools team.  As trainers and support providers, our sole purpose was to help eBay PowerSellers sell more.  We have the inside running on what does and does not increase sales.

But in addition to knowing eBay – we know the company.  We know the people, what new products are on the horizon and where the biggest growth potential lies.

So why did we leave eBay?  After seeing so many sellers failing to fulfill their potential, we now devote ourselves to helping those sellers seize their opportunities.

We provide personal care and attention

We're not the typical eBay consultant that writes fancy software and charges you a thousand dollars a month to use it.  Instead, we sit down with you and transform your online business, one step at a time.  We work with you on designs, marketing, sales strategies, and much more.

Do you struggle with technical eBay or computer issues?  No problem – we provide unlimited phone support.

After transforming your business, we continually generate new solutions to keep you on the leading edge of the constantly changing eBay site.  When your sales rise, we'll know at the same time you do.  When eBay releases a new feature that will increase sales, you'll have it before your competitors.

You get to know us – but more importantly, we get to know you and your business.

We get results. Really… we do!

Getting results is easy to say and hard to do.  So take a look at the testimonials on this website. They are written by people like you.  People with eBay Stores that were successful but were not even close to achieving their potential.

These people are now selling much, much more – in fact all of our clients are thriving.

They are safe in the knowledge that no matter what the future holds they will be there to take advantage of it.

Invaluable eBay experience, personal attention and genuine results – that's who we are.

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